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Eye Exercises for Visual Health and School Success

Visual Figure Ground

Figure ground is the ability to pick out an object within a busy background.  Children with poor figure ground are easily overwhelmed on a page with a lot of words.  They simply get lost in detail.


1 BUG Can you find the ladybug?

  1. See how quickly you can find the lady but in these pictures.
  2. Click on each picture to see the answer!

bug bears

 .bug sleeping

bug carsbug horses

bug firetruck

bug lego

bug raggaty

swans fg

bug dolls




Figure ground horses

Bev is a contemporary artist who incorporates strong figure-ground elements in her paintings for a unique and charming visual impact.  Below are two of her paintings.

How many horses can you see?

5 horses


How many hidden faces can you find?




To view more of Bev’s delightful art while practicing your figure-ground skills, visit her website at


1 BUGCan you find two hidden faces and two hidden animals?

(Please note:  These great little pictures have been in my library of great finds for so long that I no longer know where they originated.  They are such fun pics for little ones that  I decided to take the liberty in sharing them in the hopes that their authors won’t mind.)

tiger elephant faces

rose pig



1 BUG i spy iconLinks to other great figure-ground exercises.

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