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Eye Exercises for Visual Health and School Success

Visual Discrimination

Visual Discrimination lets us see differences between objects that are similar.  Good visual discrimination helps keep us from getting confused.  For example, when we read, it’s visual discrimination that let’s us see the “was” and “saw” are different even though they have the same letters. Puzzle games that ask us to tell how two pictures are different are good ways to help develop visual discrimination.



faviconDOUBLE TROUBLE:  How are the pictures different?

  1. Click on the pictures below to go to the visual discrimination exercises
  2. You will see two pictures.  There are 10 differences in the pictures.  Find as many as you can.
  3. Click on the Answer link at the bottom of the page.  Were you right?
  4. Parents:  If your child struggles with the exercise, ask him/her to cover an eye.  Continue to work this activity with one eye at a time until performance improves; then work both eyes.


garden icon   dinosaurs icon   forest icon 2   farm icon

christmas icon   butterflies icon 2      jungle icon   tractor icon


faviconDOUBLE TROUBLE: There are 15 differences in these pictures.

sea icon    wizard icon


favicon Match the Shapes:  Match the shapes above to their exact duplicate below.






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