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Eye Exercises for Visual Health and School Success

Visual Form Constancy

Visual Form Constancy is the ability to mentally manipulate forms and visualize the resulting outcomes. This skill also helps children recognize an object in different contexts regardless of changes in size, shape, and orientation. Children with poor form-constancy may struggle to recognize objects when turned a different direction or  viewed from a different vantage point.  They can fail to recognize words they know that are presented in a different manner, i.e., written on paper, in a book, or on the board.


faviconWhich shape fits?

 form constancy fig 1

form constancy fig 2

form constancy fig 3

 Click for the answers



faviconARROWS ICONArrow Turns

  1. Click on the link to go to the exercise:   Arrow Turns
  2. Say the opposite direction of the arrow: down for up, up for down, left for right,  and right for left.
  3. Once this becomes easy, repeat the process to the beat of a metronome, available online or through a smart phone app.
  4. Bring It Home. Have the child visualize and say clockwise quarter turns: up becomes right, right is down, down is left, and left is up.



faviconform iconForm Rotations:  Click on the links below to practice rotating these forms!


        Rotating Forms #1                     Rotating Forms #2      

Rotating Forms #3                    Rotating Forms #4





favicontrangram answersCommercial Puzzles like jigsaw puzzles, tangrams, and parquetry blocks are an excellent way to help develop visual form constancy.